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Top Reasons to Buy a Slide-in Bath Tub

Slide-in bath tubs can essentially be touted as an incredible life improvement product that not only makes the regular chore of bathing more convenient and comfortable but also guarantees better safety for seniors and people with disabilities who cannot function as well as regular healthy people. So, what really makes the slide-in bath tub a quintessential bath accessory? Here is a list of a few top reasons that will compel you to buy a slide-in bath tub as a definitive home improvement product this season.

Offers great structural stability

The slide-in bath tub typically allows the users, especially the elderly and people with mobility issues to simply slide in from their wheelchairs onto the exposed molded seat on the inside without requiring the assistance of their caregivers. It features an elevated design that allows the caregiver to bathe or sponge the user without exerting any strain on their backs. Additionally, the flat surface of the slide-in bath tub provides better grip and prevents slips and falls. Overall, the slide-in bath tub essentially notches up the bathing experience by providing higher safety and comfort to the users as well as their caregivers.

Aids in water conservation

Given their strategic structural design, the slide-in bath tubs easily cover a major portion of the user’s body while bathing and allow him/her to enjoy a thorough bathing experience. Also, most slide-in bath tubs are designed to fit in regular bathtub spaces with considerable ease and do not require you to re-do the entire floor plan for the sake of installing one in your bathroom.

Offers excellent safety

As opposed to the inward swinging doors of the walk-in bath tubs that can inadvertently leave you trapped inside in the event of a fall or a slippage, the slide-in bath tubs feature outwards swinging or sliding doors that can be easily opened for rescuing the user in trouble. In addition to this, given its convenient structure that allows easy access to the inside molded seat, the slide-in bath tubs entirely do away with the hassles of standing up or stepping inside and are incredibly safe option for people who cannot sit, stand or walk on their own accord.

Most importantly, the slide-in bath tubs offer a safe bathing environment and are a must-buy for people looking for a ‘best bang for your buck’ type of product.